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An article published in "The Marker"

It happened in 1991 during a visit to the Mercedes factory in Stuttgart. A genial man with an equally-impressive mustache and gut led us around. He presented the production line of the new Mercedes S-Class, the flagship vehicle of the German manufacturer, to a small group of tourists and visitors. I watched one worker test the latches on the trunks. One of the cars was being obstinate, so the...

Better place

Battery switching station design for the Electrical Vehicles that Better Place Demo Battery Switching Station for EV’s in Japan-  Demo BSS design prepared for a show in Japan at an extremely challenging schedule. The system is currently serving as a demo at Better Place’s Visitors Center

Dvir Brand

Mechanical Engineer (MBA) with over 20 years of experience in design and project management of multidisciplinary products. Dvir joined the company in 1995 and has wide experience in solving complex engineering problems, with special expertise in the automotive field, development of mechanisms, opto-mechanics systems, high-accuracy motion systems, etc. Dvir is the inventor of almost 20 patents...

"Engineering is what counts, even in society"

Ensuring security within large crowds, the ones that frequent stadiums, subway stations, and airports, is a big job. So it's appropriate that a man with big ideas - Dr. Amir Ziv-Av, one of Israel's top engineers - is helping to make security checks at such sites more efficient and easier to manage. Ziv-Av's company, Ziv-Av Technologies, located at Kibbutz Be'erot Yitzchak, is...


Technologies and innovations developed by ZAE received considerable exposure both in national and international professional magazines and academic papers. Our innovations are protected with several patents, some of them being our IP and others IPs of clients who ordered the development projects. We invite you to learn more about us by watching a short TV review about ZAE, recently broadcasted...

Israeli Conference on Mechanical Engineering (ICME 2015)

Chairing the event was Dr. Amir Ziv-Av, head of a premier Israeli engineering firm that bears his name. The firm has designed dozens of products, such as a complete automated airport baggage handling system, innovative lifts and transport equipment for semi-trailers and train cars, improvements on armored Hummer vehicles, as well as numerous medical devices.

Israelis erfinden das Rad neu

Watch RTL's - (a  leding German commercial television station) article that was filmed at our company.  Ziv-Av designed, build and tested the damping mechanism of the wheels.

Keter Plastics

Keter Plastic is the largest manufacturer of resin-based indoor and garden furniture, shelving systems, tool boxes, and storage products for the do-it-yourself market, household products and kitchen utensils, polyurethane insulated camping products, refuse containers, electronic bath and kitchen scales, bathroom accessories and toilet seats, juvenile products, and a complete line of sanitary...

Mechanics Engineer / Sketcher

A proven experience in mechanical design is required in one or more of the following fields: Opto–mechanic systems; high-precision motion systems; complex mechanical devices; plastic parts design. An experience in the CAD system is required (Solid Works, ProE or Solid Edge). Experienced Sketcher.

Miki Reter

Mechanical engineer, with over 18 years of experience in design and project management of multidisciplinary products with expertise in robotics, opto-mechanics systems, high-accuracy motion systems, etc. Miki joined the company in 2001.

Moving Life

Moving Life, from Ra'anana, Israel, founded two years ago has developed a revolutionary mobility scooter for the handicapped and elderly in need of mobility assistance. The mobility scooter offers its user complete mobility and can be folded within seconds to the size of a trolley suitcase. This new mobility scooter offers complete mobility in places that are not accessible to other scooters,...


Oridion provides life saving solutions for patient monitoring with its Microstream® etCO2 monitoring and sampling technologies to make patient care safer and easier. Oridion specializes in capnography, the non-invasive monitoring of a patient’s ventilatory status, which is achieved by the continuous measurement and analysis of the carbon dioxide in a patient’s exhaled breath (etCO2).