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About ZiV-AV development - From the grapevine

"And so Aviv, a musician by trade, began to think about a solution. He looked at wheelchairs, and at what they needed to do, and then he took an idea he had to Ziv-Av Technologies, a developer of medical devices in Israel. The Step-Up was born."

An article published in "The Marker"

It happened in 1991 during a visit to the Mercedes factory in Stuttgart. A genial man with an equally-impressive mustache and gut led us around. He presented the production line of the new Mercedes S-Class, the flagship vehicle of the German manufacturer, to a small group of tourists and visitors. I watched one worker test the latches on the trunks. One of the cars was being obstinate, so the...

Israeli startup reinvents the wheel

SoftWheel has worked for the past three years, in collaboration with Ziv-Av Technologies, to design what the company promises to be a “breakthrough technology that changes the perception of the wheel and its function.”

Mechatronics Propels New Medtech Designs in Prosthesis, Surgery, and Mobility - Design news

"Step-up" is a device conceived by Israeli entrepreneur Ilan Aviv and developed by Ziv-Av Technologies, attaching to motorized wheelchairs and allowing them to go over obstacles up to 20 cm (about eight inches) high.

Meet Qylur, the machine greeter and security sniffer

An article about Qylatron which was published in Times of Israel

Reinventing The Wheel

Softwheel, the revolutionary wheel continues to arouse curiosity all over the globe ! Watch RTL's - (a  leding German commercial television station) article that was filmed at our company.  Ziv-Av designed, build and tested the damping mechanism of the wheels. To the article     

The 33rd Israeli Conference on Mechanical Engineering

Conference Chair Dr. Amir Ziv-Av, owner of his own eponymous engineering firm, spoke about manufacturing. He argued that contrary to popular belief, that ’it’s cheaper to manufacture things in China’, “moving production lines to China does not always turn out to be cost efficient. In fact, it often creates overhauls. Entrepreneurs have come to realize it is cheaper to position manufacturing...

The Company Team

ZAE designed to provide the best solutions quickly and efficiently. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the company assembles a team of highly skilled engineers, each with extensive experience and proven expertise in their field, in order to meet the specific needs of each project. Our leading management is directly involved in all the projects in order to provide optimal end-to-end solutions...