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Stanley Blackand & decker

Stanley Black & Decker, an S&P 500 company, is a diversified global provider of hand tools, power tools and related accessories, mechanical access solutions and electronic security solutions, engineered fastening systems, and more.

Keter Plastics

Keter Plastic is the largest manufacturer of resin-based indoor and garden furniture, shelving systems, tool boxes, and storage products for the do-it-yourself market, household products and kitchen utensils, polyurethane insulated camping products, refuse containers, electronic bath and kitchen scales, bathroom accessories and toilet seats, juvenile products, and a complete line of sanitary...

Spectrum Dynamics

Spectrum Dynamics is a pioneering medical device company specializing in the development and implementation of innovative molecular functional imaging technology, accessories and applications.


ZenithSolar produces the most efficient lowest cost per watt combined heat and power green solar energy systems for assembly by construction integrators for community, commercial, hospitality, and industrial applications. The core technology is based on a unique, proprietary optical design to extract the maximum energy with minimal 'real estate'. The system provides high electrical...


Mechanical design of illumination head for human fat-dissolving machine.

Hinged and sliding door assembly for vehicles

A hinged and sliding door assembly for vehicles includes a door surround defining an opening, a door configured for mating with the door surround, and a hinge-and-slide mechanism for supporting, and defining movement of, the door relative to the surround. The hinge-and-slide mechanism has an intermediate element connected to the door by a hinge structure which defines an axis of rotation about...

Clamping assembly for injection molding apparatus

A clamping assembly for an injection molding apparatus includes a first platen attached to a base and a second platen slidingly associated with the base. A number of tiebars are mechanically linked to each of the platens through a number of mechanical linkages. An actuation system associated with the plurality of tiebars and with at least one of the platens is configured to generate movement of...

Mechatronics Propels New Medtech Designs in Prosthesis, Surgery, and Mobility - Design news

"Step-up" is a device conceived by Israeli entrepreneur Ilan Aviv and developed by Ziv-Av Technologies, attaching to motorized wheelchairs and allowing them to go over obstacles up to 20 cm (about eight inches) high.