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Wheelchairs of Hope - Hundred buck wheelchair for kids

An article about Wheelchairs of Hope which was published in Times of Israel

ZAE is AS9100C certified

Ziv Av Technologies is glad to announce that we have expanded our Quality Management system Certification to include the entire company. Ziv-Av Technologies Quality Management System is AS9100c certified to design, development,assembly and integration of mechanical and electronics products and systems for civil, defense, aviation & aerospace application.

Traveling to work by train instead of by car has major savings, finds a study by the Israel Railways

These figures are also relevant, in view of the argument by former Ministry of Transport chief scientist Dr. Amir Ziv-Av, who says that in addition to value of use paid by leasing car drivers, these cars also have a negative effect on the economy.

Optimal concepts

Using the SOS (Subjective-Objective System) strategy, developed by Dr. Amir Ziv-Av during years of project management and presented in his doctoral dissertation, the consulting team assists clients in analyzing and evaluating their ideas or products within technological, operational, marketing, and business frameworks, in order to define and select the Optimal Concept. This “total system”...

Value Engineering

To survive in today’s dynamic global market, companies must develop better products more quickly, efficiently, and economically than their competitors. Recent technological changes and competitive pressure often compel companies to lower the production costs of existing products.  Applying SOS and other efficiency-oriented strategies, ZAE has had great success in redesigning...

The Company Team

ZAE designed to provide the best solutions quickly and efficiently. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the company assembles a team of highly skilled engineers, each with extensive experience and proven expertise in their field, in order to meet the specific needs of each project. Our leading management is directly involved in all the projects in order to provide optimal end-to-end solutions...


ZIV-AV ENG has long list of patents in fields such as: vehicle doors, aircraft crash resisitance seats, plastic injection machines, flexible linear bearings, deck lifters, door locks and others. Some of them are our IPs and others,  IPs of clients who ordered the development projects.  Following is a sample of our patents:  

About Us - Ziv-Av Technologies LTD

ZAE - Renowned as a leading technological R&D company with a portfolio of hundreds of successful projects.

Project Management

Effective Project Management is directly correlated to the accurate identification of real needs and demands (SOW - scope of work), work content (WBS - work breakdown structure), and the subsequent establishment of an efficient organizational structure (OBS - organizational breakdown structure).  Adapting meticulous quality control methods for the successful completion of...


ZAE’s team is widely acknowledged for its creativity and unparalleled professionalism. Our team works in a cooperative and mutually enriching environment, while keeping a pleasant family atmosphere. We are looking for outstanding engineers in the fields of mechanics and electronics with an ambition to design state-of-the-art products for leading companies in these fields, both in Israel and...

Optimization of engineering processes

Many companies and organizations confront similar dilemmas, such as how to establish effective methodologies and procedures for the development of products, based on their unique advantages. An outside perspective that is both successful and experience-based can often save companies precious time when deciding on the most appropriate course for developing an innovative concept into a...

Manufacturing & supply

Creative engineering planning that is focused on the most efficient means of production and the most appropriate technology for the development and manufacture of the product is critical to cost reduction. The resourceful engineers at ZAE can cut back production expenditures by providing you with efficiency-oriented strategies. These include selecting the right manufacturing tools,...