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Sunlight Medical

Bone-age measurement mechanism and plastic cover designed for Sunlight Medical.

MDG Medical

Design portable work stations for computerized drug distribution, ergonomically designed for simple use by nurses.

Wheelchairs of Hope - Hundred buck wheelchair for kids

An article about Wheelchairs of Hope which was published in Times of Israel

Wheelchairs of Hope-bright-israeli-wheelchairs-for-kids/

An article about Wheelchairs of Hope which was published in Israel21c

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An article from "Life is Beautiful" about Ziv-Av technologies   


Elitr (pronounced Elite-Are) Medical is a telemedicine / medical device company founded in Israel in 2005. The company designs, manufactures and distributes a complete range of innovative, automatic, non-invasive, multi-parameter patient pre-diagnostic, screening and monitoring devices and health management software. The company’s unique approach encourages the adoption of preventative medicine...


Nanography. Digital printing for mainstream.™ Landa Digital Printing is a member of the Landa group. It has developed a unique digital technology called Nanography™ for the commercial, packaging and publishing markets. Unveiled at drupa 2012, Nanography bridges the critical profitability gap between offset and digital printing by enabling printers to cost-effectively produce short-to-medium run...


Bioness offers award-winning medical devices designed to benefit people suffering from  stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, Cerebral Palsy, and spinal cord injury.


Eternegy Ltd develops tracking systems for PV Solar plants, based on an innovative technology that provides improved reliability at a significantly lower cost. Eternegy’s immediate focus is on the Silicon Crystal Flat Panel Market segment for utility scale plants, while in the future it intends to penetrate additional segments.