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Client: Keter Plastics

Optimization and design of plastic consumer products for Keter (HDP).

Keter Plastic

Optimize product structure to minimal plastic weight per functionality and validate by the FEA. Provide customized test jigs for the production line.

Keter Plastics

Keter Plastic is the largest manufacturer of resin-based indoor and garden furniture, shelving systems, tool boxes, and storage products for the do-it-yourself market, household products and kitchen utensils, polyurethane insulated camping products, refuse containers, electronic bath and kitchen scales, bathroom accessories and toilet seats, juvenile products, and a complete line of sanitary...

An article published in "The Marker"

It happened in 1991 during a visit to the Mercedes factory in Stuttgart. A genial man with an equally-impressive mustache and gut led us around. He presented the production line of the new Mercedes S-Class, the flagship vehicle of the German manufacturer, to a small group of tourists and visitors. I watched one worker test the latches on the trunks. One of the cars was being obstinate, so the...

Israeli Innovators Develop Low-Cost Wheelchairs for Kids in Developing World

An Israeli company is helping children with mobility impairments in the developing world attend school. Keter, which produces the colorful, plastic chairs that are a staple in many Israeli homes, has teamed up with leading Israeli experts to develop a low-cost wheelchair specifically for children.

Wheelchairs of Hope, from Israel with love

Ziv-Av Technologies helped Pablo Kaplan and Chava Rotshtein to make the final product a reality. Ziv-Av CEO Itzik Taff tells ISRAEL21c that the engineering challenge was to design a “cool-looking,” low-cost product robust enough for harsh conditions such as bumpy dirt roads, yet lightweight enough for a five- to eight-year-old to maneuver easily.