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Plasan-Sasa MRAP

MRAP production files to be transferred to the U.S.A for Plasan at an extremely challenging schedule.  

Product Development

ZAE provides its clients with End-to-End solutions for the development of products, which enables them to obtain an optimal product compliant to their demands and in the shortest possible "design-to-market" time. The firm specializes in the development of advanced multidisciplinary products. The milestones for a successful development of a typical product include: Specification...

Pump Apparatus and Methods for Using Same

A pump apparatus for transporting at least one fluid, comprising a shaft, wherein the shaft has a longitudinal axis; a motor, wherein the motor is adapted to rotate the shaft about the longitudinal axis; and, a plurality of gerotors, wherein the gerotors are attached to the shaft along the longitudinal axis and wherein the shaft rotation actuates the plurality of gerotors rotation, causing pumping...


Design, manufacture, and delivery of 3 assembly lines (line length 140 m) for parabolic collectors at Siemens’s Solar TE power plant site in Spain.

Ziv-Av ENG Partners Presented their Products at drupa 2012 Exhibition

Drupa 2012 was called by many the “Landa drupa” or the “Nanographic drupa”. It was a great honor to have assisted Landa Digital Printing in the engineering of their ground-breaking Nanographic PrintingTM presses. In addition, the Ziv-Av group designed the mechanics and the electronics for the Digiflex FlexoJet 1725. In addition, the Ziv-Av Group supplied the models. The Ziv-Av Group also...