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Subjective Objective System

The right solution begins with targeting the real problem. Applying a “concurrent approach” in a collaborative atmosphere, we first assemble a customized team of engineering specialists with expertise in the relevant discipline to concentrate exclusively on the targeted problem. In an atmosphere of a rapid exchange of ideas from multiple perspectives, creativity and common sense thrive...

Project Management

Effective Project Management is directly correlated to the accurate identification of real needs and demands (SOW - scope of work), work content (WBS - work breakdown structure), and the subsequent establishment of an efficient organizational structure (OBS - organizational breakdown structure).  Adapting meticulous quality control methods for the successful completion of...

Scanning mechanism for high-speed high-resolution scanning

A scanning system for use in inspecting or writing on a substrate minimizes vibrations by applying movement-actuating forces directly between a carriage and a countermass which are both free to move along parallel tracks. Forces for decelerating and accelerating the scanning carriage are preferably applied along a minor part of a length of movement of the carriage. The carriage is then isolated...

Mechatronics Propels New Medtech Designs in Prosthesis, Surgery, and Mobility - Design news

"Step-up" is a device conceived by Israeli entrepreneur Ilan Aviv and developed by Ziv-Av Technologies, attaching to motorized wheelchairs and allowing them to go over obstacles up to 20 cm (about eight inches) high.

Eyal Shahrabani

Software engineer (BSc.) as well as mechanical practical engineer. Administrating and running the electronics & software department at Ziv-Av since 2009. Experienced in multidisciplinary environments that involve electronics, high & low level (RT embedded) software, industrial controlled systems and mechanics. Joined the company in 1999 as a mechanical practical engineer. Has more than 10 years of...

Spectrum Dynamics

Design accurate positioning of unique sensor for the world's fastest and most exact machine for mapping the heart.

Orbotech - FPD Division

Mechanical design of major sub-assemblies, such as conveyor and optical head of FPD inspection machines.

Spectrum Dynamics

Spectrum Dynamics is a pioneering medical device company specializing in the development and implementation of innovative molecular functional imaging technology, accessories and applications.

Mobilizing apparatus for airplanes

A mobilizing apparatus is provided for moving an airplane positioned on the ground, wherein the mobilizing apparatus comprises at least one pair of main wheels and engagement means, and is characterized in that the engagement means is adapted to enable engagement of the mobilizing apparatus to the airplane central under carriage so that the axis along which the at least one pair of the mobilizing...

Optimization of engineering processes

Many companies and organizations confront similar dilemmas, such as how to establish effective methodologies and procedures for the development of products, based on their unique advantages. An outside perspective that is both successful and experience-based can often save companies precious time when deciding on the most appropriate course for developing an innovative concept into a...

Spectrum Dynamics

Planning and delivery of an automatically machine fill in personal syringes radioactive material


Orbotech develops and produces the world's most advanced hi-tech equipment for inspecting and imaging circuit boards and display panels.