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ZAE - Renowned as a leading technological R&D company with a portfolio of hundreds of successful projects.

Better place

Battery switching station design for the Electrical Vehicles that Better Place Demo Battery Switching Station for EV’s in Japan-  Demo BSS design prepared for a show in Japan at an extremely challenging schedule. The system is currently serving as a demo at Better Place’s Visitors Center

Brightsource Energy

Design and optimize heliostat structure.

Client: Escape Rescue Systems

Design of a high volume external emergency rescue elevator for high riser buildings. The system is capable of shuttling up to 100 people from 5 floors in one pass.   


Multi-disciplinary design, 4 prototypes. Manufacture and full standardization of an ink-jet printer.


Design and delivery a prototype of a variety of masts for Elbit and IDF.


Development of communication trailer for system testing & simulation.  


Develop tracking device for optimize reception of sun radiation.


Design of bus chassis for Merkavim & Ha’argaz, and articulated bus structure strengthening for Man A.


Project gallery Our team gained unique expertise and experience in utilizing an extremely wide range of technologies and disciplines to provide each and every one of our clients with the optimal product for his target market. What We Do Clients The company clients' list has over 100 companies and organizations. Our clients come from a wide range of...


Design of the mechanism and packaging for an advanced computerized billing mini-bar, and delivery of a prototype. A number of mini-bars are installed in various hotels in Israel and abroad.

Hot beverages vending machines

Design of low cost and durable vending machines for hot beverages with a unique powder storage carousel concept. Vending machines are currently being manufactured and installed in various locations.