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An article published in "The Marker"

It happened in 1991 during a visit to the Mercedes factory in Stuttgart. A genial man with an equally-impressive mustache and gut led us around. He presented the production line of the new Mercedes S-Class, the flagship vehicle of the German manufacturer, to a small group of tourists and visitors. I watched one worker test the latches on the trunks. One of the cars was being obstinate, so the...


Objet is the technology and market leader in jetting polymer materials to produce high-quality 3-Dimensional models and parts.


SunSetter Products, makers of SunSetter Retractable Awnings (manual and motorized), is America’s largest manufacturer of deck and patio awnings.

Sunsetter 900XT

Design of advanced multifunction low-cost awnings for the American DIY market with emphasis on cost, simple installation, and robustness. Over 100,000 awnings sold in the U.S.

Ziv-Av ENG Partners Presented their Products at drupa 2012 Exhibition

Drupa 2012 was called by many the “Landa drupa” or the “Nanographic drupa”. It was a great honor to have assisted Landa Digital Printing in the engineering of their ground-breaking Nanographic PrintingTM presses. In addition, the Ziv-Av group designed the mechanics and the electronics for the Digiflex FlexoJet 1725. In addition, the Ziv-Av Group supplied the models. The Ziv-Av Group also...