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Sunlight, originally founded in 1995, is a brand owned by BeamMed Ltd, active in a wide range of medical fields. BeamMed Ltd is a technology company dedicated to building advanced solutions that improve care, treatment, and outcomes. BeamMed operates research and development headquarters in Israel and regional subsidiaries in Asia. In addition, it has strong sales and distribution channels in key...


Objet is the technology and market leader in jetting polymer materials to produce high-quality 3-Dimensional models and parts.


Lehavot Fire Protection Ltd. is Israel's largest fire protection and suppression manufacturer, recognized for quality products that meet the highest international standards, as well as professional service.


The Israeli diamond industry is a world leader in both cutting-edge technologies and craftsmanship, thus ensuring the best yield of polished diamonds from the rough.

Yona Uspiz

Yona Uspiz Electric Motors Ltd. manufactures a wide range of industrial AC three phase asynchronous squirrel cage electric motors with ratings from 0.37 kW to 2200 kW and voltages from 400/690 to 6900 volts, in IEC frames up to 560.


FiberZone Networks Ltd provides connectivity systems for the automated management of the physical fiber-optic infrastructure. The company provides central office management, end-to-end network management, FTTx network, remote fiber testing and monitoring, wavelength management, and disaster recovery solutions.


UltraShape develops, manufactures and markets innovative, non-invasive solutions for the aesthetic medical field.

Tana Water

Tana Water has been a major force in the provision of drinking water systems for over 30 years, and is one of the worlds most advanced developers, and manufacturers of point of use systems.

Israeli Innovators Develop Low-Cost Wheelchairs for Kids in Developing World

An Israeli company is helping children with mobility impairments in the developing world attend school. Keter, which produces the colorful, plastic chairs that are a staple in many Israeli homes, has teamed up with leading Israeli experts to develop a low-cost wheelchair specifically for children.


Waves is the world’s leading developer and supplier of software-based audio signal processing tools.