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Eternegy Ltd develops tracking systems for PV Solar plants, based on an innovative technology that provides improved reliability at a significantly lower cost. Eternegy’s immediate focus is on the Silicon Crystal Flat Panel Market segment for utility scale plants, while in the future it intends to penetrate additional segments.


Technologies and innovations developed by ZAE received considerable exposure both in national and international professional magazines and academic papers. Our innovations are protected with several patents, some of them being our IP and others IPs of clients who ordered the development projects. We invite you to learn more about us by watching a short TV review about ZAE, recently broadcasted...

Eyal Shahrabani

Software engineer (BSc.) as well as mechanical practical engineer. Administrating and running the electronics & software department at Ziv-Av since 2009. Experienced in multidisciplinary environments that involve electronics, high & low level (RT embedded) software, industrial controlled systems and mechanics. Joined the company in 1999 as a mechanical practical engineer. Has more than 10 years of...


FiberZone Networks Ltd provides connectivity systems for the automated management of the physical fiber-optic infrastructure. The company provides central office management, end-to-end network management, FTTx network, remote fiber testing and monitoring, wavelength management, and disaster recovery solutions.


Design of bus chassis for Merkavim & Ha’argaz, and articulated bus structure strengthening for Man A.


Ha'argaz Company operates in five different sectors: Transportation; Mobile and Industrial Housing; Storage Displays and Cooling Systems; Furniture Solutions, and Metal Processing.

Hinged and sliding door assembly for vehicles

A hinged and sliding door assembly for vehicles includes a door surround defining an opening, a door configured for mating with the door surround, and a hinge-and-slide mechanism for supporting, and defining movement of, the door relative to the surround. The hinge-and-slide mechanism has an intermediate element connected to the door by a hinge structure which defines an axis of rotation about...


Project gallery Our team gained unique expertise and experience in utilizing an extremely wide range of technologies and disciplines to provide each and every one of our clients with the optimal product for his target market. What We Do Clients The company clients' list has over 100 companies and organizations. Our clients come from a wide range of...


Hotel Outsource Management International (HOMI) is an expert in the field of Financing and Operating computerized mini-bars in upscale and luxury hotels.


Design of the mechanism and packaging for an advanced computerized billing mini-bar, and delivery of a prototype. A number of mini-bars are installed in various hotels in Israel and abroad.