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Wheelchairs of Hope - Hundred buck wheelchair for kids

An article about Wheelchairs of Hope which was published in Times of Israel

Avionic pod sub - assemblies

Development & supply a throttle system for L-ACM. Extreme simplicity due to innovative concepts: - “Throttle” – Special kinematics that prevents the Z’ linear bearings - “ Shelve Valves” – Elastic mechanisms that prevents the need for very high parts accuracy.  

Subjective Objective System

The right solution begins with targeting the real problem. Applying a “concurrent approach” in a collaborative atmosphere, we first assemble a customized team of engineering specialists with expertise in the relevant discipline to concentrate exclusively on the targeted problem. In an atmosphere of a rapid exchange of ideas from multiple perspectives, creativity and common sense thrive...

Wheelchairs of Hope-bright-israeli-wheelchairs-for-kids/

An article about Wheelchairs of Hope which was published in Israel21c

ZAE is AS9100C certified

Ziv Av Technologies is glad to announce that we have expanded our Quality Management system Certification to include the entire company. Ziv-Av Technologies Quality Management System is AS9100c certified to design, development,assembly and integration of mechanical and electronics products and systems for civil, defense, aviation & aerospace application.

Traveling to work by train instead of by car has major savings, finds a study by the Israel Railways

These figures are also relevant, in view of the argument by former Ministry of Transport chief scientist Dr. Amir Ziv-Av, who says that in addition to value of use paid by leasing car drivers, these cars also have a negative effect on the economy.

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Optimal concepts

Using the SOS (Subjective-Objective System) strategy, developed by Dr. Amir Ziv-Av during years of project management and presented in his doctoral dissertation, the consulting team assists clients in analyzing and evaluating their ideas or products within technological, operational, marketing, and business frameworks, in order to define and select the Optimal Concept. This “total system”...

Video Gallery

An article from "Life is Beautiful" about Ziv-Av technologies   

The Company Team

ZAE designed to provide the best solutions quickly and efficiently. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the company assembles a team of highly skilled engineers, each with extensive experience and proven expertise in their field, in order to meet the specific needs of each project. Our leading management is directly involved in all the projects in order to provide optimal end-to-end solutions...