Ziv-Av ENG Partners Presented their Products at drupa 2012 Exhibition

Five leading Israeli high-tech companies attended drupa 2012, the most important and largest exhibition of the printing world, showing products that were designed in cooperation with Ziv-Av Group

Drupa 2012 was called by many the “Landa drupa” or the “Nanographic drupa”. It was a great honor to have assisted Landa Digital Printing in the engineering of their ground-breaking Nanographic PrintingTM presses. In addition, the Ziv-Av group designed the mechanics and the electronics for the Digiflex FlexoJet 1725. In addition, the Ziv-Av Group supplied the models. The Ziv-Av Group also assisted with the mechanical design, electrical design, and packaging of the three products presented at Kodak’s large booth: the Magnus 800, Flexcel NX, and the Flexcel Laminator. The Ziv-Av Group also participated in the design of products by HP Indigo and Scodix.

Attached: photos of Yitzhak Taff, "Ziv-Av Technologies" CEO, and Yoav Adler, "Ziv-Av Projects" CEO, in DRUPA 2012.
The ink cabinet of  "Landa"                                  Benny Landa with Itzhak Taff and Yoav Adler in DRUPA 2012

Koby Waldman, Vice President Operations at       Israel Shapira, Project manager at "Landa", and Itzhak
Landa , and Itzhak Taff                                          Taff with the "Landa-nanographic printing press"

The "Landa Nanographic Printing Presses" series presented at Drupa 2012

Yoav Adler and the ""FlexoJet 1725" of Digiflex            Hezy Rotman DigiFlex's CEO, and Itzhak Taff in DRUPA 2012

Moshe Peles, R&D Project manager at HP Indigo,    The SCODIX S Digital Prepress
and Itzhak Taff with the new digital press in the
large format, the "hp indigo 10000 digital press"

Kuty paperny, Director, Global Product Managment,     The " Flexcel NX" of Kodak
Output Devices at Kodak, and Itzhak Taff with the
Flexcel Direct on the backround.

The " Magnus 800" of Kodak                                    The" Flexcel laminator" of Kodak