Value Engineering

To survive in today’s dynamic global market, companies must develop better products more quickly, efficiently, and economically than their competitors.
Recent technological changes and competitive pressure often compel companies to lower the production costs of existing products. 

Applying SOS and other efficiency-oriented strategies, ZAE has had great success in redesigning products for the purpose of cost reduction. We can also streamline your manufacturing process and introduce new supply-chain and material selection techniques that will save you significant development and manufacturing expenses. 
ZAE provides a full range of engineering and cost reduction services that will help you optimize the development phase, speed up the manufacturing process, and reduce costs.

To achieve maximum results, we help our clients select the optimal concept and adapt their designs to the means of production, taking into consideration the type of product, the anticipated quantities, NRE costs, and the cost of the product throughout its production lists of the most suitable manufacturers, prototype suppliers, and equipment dealers worldwide.