Subjective Objective System

The right solution begins with targeting the real problem.
Applying a “concurrent approach” in a collaborative atmosphere, we first assemble a customized team of engineering specialists with expertise in the relevant discipline to concentrate exclusively on the targeted problem. In an atmosphere of a rapid exchange of ideas from multiple perspectives, creativity and common sense thrive side by side. 
Innovation is more than a vision: ZAE SOS (Subjective-Objective System) for achieving optimal robust concept generation.

With an in-depth knowledge of the latest engineering innovations and experience gained during hundreds of projects, we meticulously evaluate new concepts from every technological, operational, marketing, and business angle, from the idea stage throughout the product’s lifetime.

This “total system” approach generates an optimal concept based on a “building block selection” theory and a mathematical model that connects the “subjective” technological environment in which the concept becomes a product with the “objective” environment in which the product is expected to meet market requirements. The results of years of experience are summarized in our unique SOS methodology that is the basis of Amir Ziv-Av’s doctoral dissertation and many academic articles.
Tested both academically and practically, it has proven to be one of the most advanced engineering evaluation systems in the world.

Collaborative imagination turns knowledge and experience into substance.

Focusing on strategies that are creative, practical, and cost-effective, the company’s team works closely with clients throughout all stages of a project — from defining a concept and designing a specific product to streamlining the manufacturing process in order to reduce production costs.