Product Development

ZAE provides its clients with End-to-End solutions for the development of products, which enables them to obtain an optimal product compliant to their demands and in the shortest possible "design-to-market" time.

The firm specializes in the development of advanced multidisciplinary products.
The milestones for a successful development of a typical product include:
Specification (SPEC), Concept Generation & Selection, General and Detailed Design, Industrial Design, Certification, Intellectual Property, Drawing Files, Prototype Assembly, Compliance Testing, Prototypes Delivery, Production Files and Production Support.

Accompanying our clients throughout the entire product life-cycle, ZAE engineers provide engineering support at the initial organization and set-up stage, assisting clients in meeting all the challenges that may emerge during the development of the product.

ZAE constructs a customized work environment for each project using the CAD software, drawing formats, and standard components. We offer cost reduction and process simplification strategies that enable clients to plan effectively and purchase production equipment easily, quickly, and efficiently using custom-made production lists of the most suitable manufacturers, prototype suppliers, and equipment dealers worldwide.