ZIV-AV ENG has long list of patents in fields such as: vehicle doors, aircraft crash resisitance seats, plastic injection machines, flexible linear bearings, deck lifters, door locks and others. Some of them are our IPs and others,  IPs of clients who ordered the development projects. 

Following is a sample of our patents:


Covering system

US 20100252212 A1

A retractable covering system comprising a screen which is movable between a retracted and an extended configuration; and at least two tensioning members attached to a leading edge of the screen arranged to pull the screen in opposite transverse directions so as to create transverse tension in the...

Pump Apparatus and Methods for Using Same

US 20100098571 A1

A pump apparatus for transporting at least one fluid, comprising a shaft, wherein the shaft has a longitudinal axis; a motor, wherein the motor is adapted to rotate the shaft about the longitudinal axis; and, a plurality of gerotors, wherein the gerotors are attached to the shaft along the...

Substance Injecting Apparatuses and Methods for Using Same

US 20090266840 A1

A chemical injection system, comprising: a drive mechanism; a housing removably attached to the drive mechanism; at least one chemical inlet located on the housing; and, a valve spool located within the housing and provided with at least one chemical pass-through port, wherein the drive mechanism...


US D690641 S1

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a wheel showing our new design, with portions of the wheel tire, spoke connectors, and central hub being shown in phantom as unclaimed environmental structure; FIG. 2 is a right side elevational view of the wheel shown in FIG. 1; FIG. 3 is a left side elevational...