Technologies and innovations developed by ZAE received considerable exposure both in national and international professional magazines and academic papers.

Innovative smart LED street lighting.

An Inventive Solution For Smart City Infrastructure

This lighting solution, the work of Gaash Lighting and two companies for design and development: Taga and Ziv-Av Technologies could be implemented with future technologies developed in the field of smart cities.

About ZiV-AV development - From the grapevine

Musician invention gives wheelchair users a solution to everyday obstacles

"And so Aviv, a musician by trade, began to think about a solution. He looked at wheelchairs, and at what they needed to do, and then he took an idea he had to Ziv-Av Technologies, a developer of medical devices in Israel. The Step-Up was born."

There is a wheelchair that can climb obstacles

An article about Step Up which was published in Portugal

Step-up" is a device conceived by Israeli entrepreneur Ilan Aviv and developed by Ziv-Av Technologies, attaching to motorized wheelchairs and allowing them to go over obstacles.

Sodastream Mix

SodaStream’s product, the SodaStream MIX, is an innovative and easy to use machine that carbonates ready drinks other than water

Israeli company, Ziv-Av Technologies is one of the largest product development companies in Israel. It is a provider of product development services in mechanical, electronics & software engineering as well as production & turnkey solutions. In the development of a home carbonation machine for...

Israeli Conference on Mechanical Engineering (ICME 2015)

The Times of Israel

Chairing the event was Dr. Amir Ziv-Av, head of a premier Israeli engineering firm that bears his name. The firm has designed dozens of products, such as a complete automated airport baggage handling system, innovative lifts and transport equipment for semi-trailers and train cars, improvements on...

Israeli Art + Industry = Alive + Well

A unique event, Omanuta’asia, brought together industrialists, engineers and artists to discuss the complex relationship between creation, product and humanity in modern-day Israel.

The exhibit also presented products designed by Ziv Av Technologies which has worked with a prestigious client list on projects that include charging stations for a nationwide electric car project, an emergency elevator exit system for high-rise buildings, a low-cost wheelchair specifically for...