Management and Consulting

Dr. Amir Ziv-Av, along with the company’s senior engineers and logistics experts, offers project management and consulting services designed to help organizations improve their results.

The consulting team focuses on the following strategies:

  • Establishing procedures
  • Optimizing methodologies
  • Improving organizational breakdown structures (OBS)
  • Managing complex engineering projects

Optimal concepts

Using the SOS (Subjective-Objective System) strategy, developed by Dr. Amir Ziv-Av during years of project management and presented in his doctoral dissertation, the consulting team assists clients in analyzing and evaluating their ideas or products within technological, operational,...

Project Management

Effective Project Management is directly correlated to the accurate identification of real needs and demands (SOW - scope of work), work content (WBS - work breakdown structure), and the subsequent establishment of an efficient organizational structure (OBS - organizational breakdown...

Engineering Evaluation

We took part in many of the technological breakthroughs introduced into the global marketplace. ZAE is the obvious first choice for inventors and entrepreneurs seeking a professional evaluation of their innovations, and for potential investors requiring an expert opinion. With considerable...

Optimization of engineering processes

Many companies and organizations confront similar dilemmas, such as how to establish effective methodologies and procedures for the development of products, based on their unique advantages. An outside perspective that is both successful and experience-based can often save companies...