DigiFlex offers a revolutionary inkjet CtP solution, transforming the quality of analog photopolymeric plates for the flexographic, letterpress, dry-offset and rotary silk screen printing technologies, to the digital era.
DigiFlex is a startup company located in Israel, the printing technology valley. The company was founded in 2008 by scientists and technologists with excellent printing industry track record. Our product was first introduced in Drupa, May 2012 and we already have 68 sales worldwide and growing every day. We are operating globally with distribution channels in Europe, North America and the Far East. Our product is the FIRST inkjet-based digital CtP system, Offering quality, speed and ecology to the Flexo, Letterpress, Dry Offset and Silk Screen printing. DigiFlex 1725 is comprised of two elements: Digital photo masking printing system & Proprietary ink and coating sheets, offered as consumables Our solution offers: Superior printing performance, Fits into the current printing process workflow, at affordable price with Excellent ROI (Less than 12 months).